PPC management is one of the fastest ways to reach new customers with a very good ROI as for every $ invested in ads on Google Ads platform businesses make $2 on average. PPC ads are one of the three best on page conversion strategies today. You can have the products and services you are trying to sell on the first page of Google within a day of launching a PPC campaign. Did you know that customers on average spend 10 percent more in a store if they have clicked on the retailer’s Google search ad before visiting (Google)?

PPC marketing produces measurable and trackable results for every PPC campaign, ad or keyword being used to drive traffic and new customers. PPC marketing is also very friendly to the budget as one can set daily or monthly expenditure limits allowing you to predetermine and have complete control of amounts you want to spend.

Using PPC to target potential customers in their geographic area

One of the most important things about PPC marketing is the ability to target potential customers in their local geographical area. PPC allows you to target local audiences which can be zip codes, distances from the brick and mortar store, etc. You can also target specific groups of people with specific interests, age groups or demographics. PPC allows businesses to finely tune their advertising campaigns and their goals. Just one example. If you are a retirement planner you can only target the older population which is ready to retire. Refining and fine-tuning PPC campaigns is where Adsrate Marketing Services excels at.

PPC Management produces fast and measurable results

With our PPC management, your products or services will be on the first page of Google within a day of launching your ads. You would be in total and complete control of how much money you want to spend on advertising either through Google, Facebook or any other channel you want to be advertising through. Every click on your ads is trackable and quantifiable at any time. You would get access to vast amounts of very actionable data for your market and industry which you can use to expand and more fine-tune your PPC strategy allowing you to be more competitive.

One of the most important aspects of PPC marketing is remarketing. Remarketing is very effective in increasing CTR and conversion rates as visitors that already visited your website already have shown some interest in your products or services and will be easier to convert to paying customers than those that never interacted with your business in any way. Remarketing can be a very powerful tool when used properly.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your business grow with our PPC Management service please calls us at 407 960 5953 or email us at office@adsrate.com

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