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When it comes to web design we like to think out the box. Before we even start thinking about designing your website we do a lot of research. We look at the digital presence of your competition, those leading your industry or niche analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

Then we take a very hard look at your business, its products, and services and start looking for the ways that will make your website and business authentic and special in the eyes of those visiting.

Anybody can build you a website that can provide basic information about your business, brand or products but only we belong to the few that will dwell into the world of color psychology among other things, trying to figure out how the colors and their implementation will impact perception your customers will have of your website. We’ve seen many businesses choose website colors based on personal references very often sending a contradictory message to their customers failing to engage and convert them.

Psychology of color and Web Design

By proper use of colors, we can create right emotions in one visiting the website or any other part of your digital presence and do so on the sub-conscience level as the first thing anybody visiting your website sees are colors. Proper use of colors in the web design stage of building your website will help you to establish the desired customer experience.

We also use psychology and research when we plan for the website layout because we want all of the websites we build to be highly converting communication hubs that will help you engage and reinforce the trust in your business or brand.

Did you know that around 80% of the people disproportionately keep looking at the left side of the web page while around 60% of them fixate the left upper corner?

Aside from attractive and eye-pleasing design, we look at the ways on how to drive customers to goals you’ve set, helping those visiting to easily find what they are looking for. We do not only design websites but communication hubs that will engage your visitors and convert them to paying customers with ease.

We design and build your digital presence for long term success!

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