What is Social Media?

Social media is a set of technologies based on the Internet which enables people from all over the world to exchange, share and consume ideas, information, media. The original idea that gave birth to vast global social networks as we know them today was initially focused on communication between friends and family but was quickly adopted by a business world which saw an opportunity to reach out to their existing and potential new customers.

Did you know that at the moment there are over 3,4 billion people all over the world that engage on social media on a regular basis, with China and India leading the way in social media usage?

In the United States around 70% of the population engages in social media with Millennial’s leading the way with older generations trying to catch up and embrace the digital lifestyle of vast global virtual communities linked together by mutual interests, philosophies, ideas…

Importance of Social Media for Business

Vast global social networks have immense potential for growth and are one of the fastest growing industries in the world with their annual growth being measured in double digits. That is one of the reasons social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses as it enables business’s better and faster communication with customers, allowing businesses to reach and expand into new vast markets be it on a local, regional, national or global level.

Social media can help businesses of all sizes by enabling them to build conversations, increase web traffic, create and raise positive brand awareness, boosting the leads and sales. The business should definitely take advantage of low-cost advertising offered by social networks to promote their products, offers or events. Advertising your products or services on most social networks is cheaper than traditional advertising allowing businesses to increase their audience and with that gives them a way to substantially grow.

One very important aspect of Social Media and Social Media Marketing which is very often overlooked is the capability to get insight into your competition as their Social Media Strategy and channels they use can give you a vast amount of very actionable information which might be adapted and used for your own goals and Social Media Marketing strategy.

Another very important aspect of Social Media and platforms they ran on is that all activities performed on them can be tracked, monitored and analyzed almost in the real-time offering you vast amounts of data which businesses can use to quickly adapt and change their Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Adsrate Marketing Services can help you to establish very positive and engaging Social Media presence in order to grow your business and its profits. We can help you to immediately engage your existing and new customers providing you with the remarkable results.

We build and optimize your digital presence for long term success!

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