What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) and why do I need it?

Social media marketing is the utilization of social media platforms for the promotion of products and services. Using social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your business’s visibility which will greatly expand your brand recognition as you will be engaging vast numbers of virtual communities that share same needs, wants and values as you and your business do. In order to reach and influence those vast numbers of people organized in tightly nit virtual communities, one needs to generate tailored, specific and original content by putting it in the authentic context that those virtual communities of people revolve around.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for businesses

Social media marketing is not only used to increase the web traffic to your website but it also has other very important benefits that will help your business increase its overall visibility, brand awareness, and brand loyalty. It will empower you to provide near real-time customer service and support so you can immediately address any issues relevant for your business. Businesses can more easily build their relationship with their existing and new customers enabling them to stay relevant and one step ahead of their competition. Making your business more authoritative, authentic and unique will help you to increase your brand authority and loyalty, enabling you to acquire more leads and new customers.

By being on top of your social media game you will get very valuable insights into the whole marketplace by monitoring your customer’s opinions and interest which will allow you to build and share highly contextualized content that will more easily engage them and make them a customer loyal to your business. By engaging your customers and talking to them will make them more loyal to you, they will be more ready to share your content, products or services with their friends, family, and virtual communities they are part of.

Social Media Marketing improves search engine rankings

As with Pay Per Click social media marketing will complement and improve your overall search engine rankings as social media signaling was and still is one of the important factors Google and other search engines use in order to properly rank websites and information.

Social media marketing is also a great tool to analyze and research your competitors and their social marketing media strategy and digital marketing efforts enabling you to see how they engage their customers and audiences, see methods they are using to drive web traffic, garner customer and brand loyalty allowing you to figure out ways on how to be ahead of them in social media landscape.

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