Local SEO Orlando is especially important and effective for local businesses that want to attract customers in their specific geographic area. If you are an Orlando business owner with local customers as your primary source of business and you want to attract new and retain existing customers Local SEO is probably the most important online investment that you will make. Having a user-friendly and mobile responsive business website with properly planned and executed Local SEO strategy on it can be a big difference when it comes to competing online. Especially if you have a lot of competition in your area or if you are just starting to build your business authority, trustworthiness and competence.

Local SEO Orlando

Providing potential customers with correct information about your business, its services and products at the moment customers are looking for it while being the geographic area your business serves will enable you to stay way ahead of your competition that doesn’t invest in their digital presence, reputation and business future. Very often business owners struggle with the local market they operate in as they don’t have a lot of data about their existing and potential customers. What drives the web and foot traffic to the business website and its physical location, how and where potential customers can find your business and what is the best way to get to it.

Local SEO market

What we see a lot in the local Orlando market and generally in all the markets around the country is that around the half of the businesses have invested into building good and mobile business websites but have left them in their default install state and have not optimized them at all for their local market. That results in loss of business and profit as 78% of all location-based mobile searches performed by potential customers results in an offline purchase while 18% of all mobile-based searches with local intent result in a sale within a day of the search.

There is a lot of business owners that still need to invest in good quality responsive business websites to be competitive and successful. Over 40% of all online sales for the 2018 holiday season came from mobile devices and having a mobile-unfriendly website just can’t be afforded.

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Getting your website up to date, enabling it to stay relevant regardless of the constant technological updates by big global search engines, planning and executing proper Local SEO strategy that will enable you to become authoritative and trustworthy business that local customers love coming to is just one of the things we do for our customers. Everything starts with a Local SEO consultation call to us. We will upgrade or rebuild your existing website, design and set up a proper and effective Local SEO strategy that helps rank your businesses high on the local and national level. We can also design and setup proper social media strategy, add extra momentum to it with PPC campaign, collect customer data, set up mailing lists, re-market, sell and help you make a lot of profit! Grow and scale your business much faster!

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